Thomas provides tax compliance and planning services in a manner that is uniquely suited to your needs. Businesses, trusts, estates and individuals have filing obligations that must be met in a professional and timely manner in order to avoid needless penalties and interest charges.

Beyond merely filing tax returns, Thomas has a keen awareness of the need for tax planning.  Helping you select the best type of business entity for your situation can lead to significant tax savings.  Legal tax avoidance is a primary goal in tax planning.  All of us want to be very patriotic on Independence Day … but not so much on April 15.

Your peace of mind is our goal in the tax arena.  Notices from the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue can be greatly avoided if the return is filed correctly.  Thomas is well aware of the “red flags” that could lead to notices and audits of your return.  He strives to prepare each return in a manner that avoids any issues that could arise.


Thomas provides monthly or quarterly accounting services to meet the needs of your business and the taxing authorities. He can assist you with QuickBooks set-up if you prefer to have your accounting done in-house. It is vitally important that QuickBooks be set-up properly before it is implemented for your business! His experience has shown that QuickBooks is a powerful program when used properly. It often costs more for the client if the CPA “fixes” QuickBooks than would have been the case if your accounting were done correctly by the CPA on a consistent basis.

Accounting is “The Language of Business”. Thomas will ensure your accounting meets the needs of the business owner and the needs of the tax return preparer to prepare your returns in the most efficient manner.


“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is victory”.

Whether you are about to launch a new endeavor or perhaps your goals are not being met to your expectations, Thomas can assist.  His many years of experience can guide you on your journey.

Selecting the best type of business entity, increasing revenues or streamlining your operations to reduce expenses without sacrificing the quality of your product or service can be the result of gaining advice from an experienced consultant.

Thomas is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.  If you are going through a divorce, you need wise legal and financial guidance.  Thomas can work with your attorney to achieve a well planned financial outcome during this very difficult time of life.